UCSF Cryopreservation Core - Requests

How to Request Services:

  • To complete process investigator must:

              - Complete Cryopreservation request form through iLabs. Indicate the original building and room location of mice, exact strain name, cage card number, DOB of each mouse and provide the required number of mice. To sign up for iLab account please click here

              - After Cryo Core receives and approves the request, then lab must submit a transfer request through RIO and reference you iLab request number -- ATTN Khalida Cryo Core

              - Make sure the strain name on the request matches the name indicated on the cage card.

Note:  All movement of mice must be coordinated through the LARC business office as an inter-facility transport.  Please click here for the shipping link.

  • Complete embryo storage records are maintained and a pdf update inventory list will be sent to the PI upon request.
  • For questions on services, please contact Khalida Sabeur ([email protected]).